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Where to Buy a Home in Fishers Under 300k

Fishers, Indiana is a wonderful town that offers many great options in all price ranges.   As Fishers and Carmel, Indiana Specialist Realtors we often see many people leaning towards Fishers when looking under $300,000 as there is a great selection and you get more for your money!  With Fishers close proximity to downtown Indianapolis on the Northeast side the town has boomed in the past 10 years.   Here are a few of our favorite neighborhoods we sell in under 300k-

Avalon of Fishers- located off Olio Road at 126th St., the neighborhood has all the amenities one could want with walking trails, pools, and close to HSE schools! Built by Pulte Homes.

Westminster- Ryland built this great community around the corner from Hamilton Towne Center. It offers great homes in the 200′s!

The Bristols- located near 126th and Brookschool, many of our clients have purchased in the neighborhood!

Woodberry-located near 141st and Cumberland, this neighborhood offers affordable homes in the 100′s and has been very popular because it has large affordable homes!

Sunblest- If you are looking for an older home in one of the older subdivisions of Fishers, look no further then Sunblest!

Fishers offers so many great options under 300k you will be able to find exactly what you want! Give Andrew Neal, expert Fishers Realtor, a call at 317-371-8133 or email us at  Considering selling a home in Fishers? We can help too!







Carmel 1st Quarter 2014 Luxury Home Report

Carmel, Indiana is a very desirable place to live, especially if you are looking for a luxury home.   In the first quarter 2014 so far here is the breakdown of home sales in Carmel, Indiana with prices over $500,000………….


# Sold-  43 Homes

Highest Sale-  $1.25 million- 10.5 Acre Estate with 10820sqft at 11188 ESTANCIA WAY CARMEL

Average Sale- $684,767,  173 sq/ft,   140 days on market

Highest Per Sq/Ft Sale- $263 sq/ft

Shortest Amount of Time on Market- 3 days!


Carmel, Indiana has started off to a great start in the luxury market! If you are considering buying or selling a luxury home give Andrew Neal at RE/MAX Ability Plus a call at 317-371-8133 and he would be happy to help!



Geist Waterfront Real Estate in 2014

The first quarter of the year on Geist Reservoir had 6 waterfront sales.  The highest sale was in Cambridge for 1.28 million and the lowest home sale was in in Feather Cove for $527,000.    Currently there are 38 homes on the market on the water!    The highest priced home is on 5.23 acres and features a 13,652 sqft beautiful custom waterfront home.     We expect even more great options to hit the market this Spring and for Spring sales to increase as buyers get ready for boating season!

See All Geist Waterfront Homes-

The Andrew Neal Group, your Geist Expert Realtors, are excited to begin offering Real Estate waterfront boat tours to qualified buyers out of the Geist Marina beginning May 1, 2014!

If you are looking for a waterfront home or would like to discuss selling your Geist home feel free to call Andrew Neal direct anytime 317-371-8133 or email him at



March 2014 Market Update

2014 has started out as a big year in Real Estate Sales on the Northside of Indianapolis and Hamilton County!   What we are seeing right now is low inventory(the lowest amount of homes available for sale) and a large amount of buyers competing for few homes on the market!  What this means is it is a great time to sell your home and if you are looking to buy it is more important then ever to have a great Realtor help you purchase the home of your dreams!   We are expecting with the Spring warm up to be a good amount of homes hitting the market in Hamilton County and Northside Indy resulting in more options for buyers.
Call Andrew Neal with RE/MAX Ability Plus, to help buying or selling a home 317-371-8133 or fill out the contact form on this site!


How Can You Tell If You Are Getting A Good Deal On A Home?

Many of my clients ask me when I am showing them homes,  is this a good deal?    A good deal can mean different things to each of us.  “A good deal” to most buyers means can I get this home for below current market value?

The best way to determine if you are getting a good deal is to look at the comparable sales in the neighborhood.   When doing this have your agent provide you with the past sales in the particular neighborhood or area.   If the price per square foot is below the lowest sale in past 12 months most likely you are getting a good deal.   The main reason why this could not be true would be if the home you are looking at has major problems such as structural damage, mold, or extensive work to fix it up to the neighborhood standard. If this is the case then you need to get bids on doing the work and then add it to purchase price, and if it is still below the lowest sales then you are getting a good deal.

Another way to get a good deal would be to buy in an up and coming area where prices are increasing faster or have the potential to increase faster than the average.   Downtown Carmel in my opinion would have been a good deal a few years ago before the city updated the area!

Good luck with your home purchase and if you need any help feel free to contact Andrew Neal anytime at 317-371-8133 or


Where to Buy a Home in Hamilton County(Carmel, Fishers, Westfield, or Noblesville?)

Many of my clients who are relocating to the area, tell me they are wanting to look for a home in Hamilton County, but they are unsure of which are to live in.  The four main areas we sell in Hamilton County are Carmel, Fishers, Westfield, and Noblesville.   Here are the reasons to buy or not to buy in each area!

CarmelCityCenterCarmel-  with the #1 ranked school system and a Central location Carmel is one of the most popular areas.   Carmel has gone through a beautiful revitalization of it’s downtown, roadways, shopping, and dining.  Carmel offers some of the most luxurious Real Estate in Hamilton County with some of the most expensive homes.  Carmel offers mature yards, many older homes built in the 70′s,80s, and early 90s, with the new construction being mainly in West Carmel, with two final communities in East Carmel up near the Northeast corner of Carmel.  With all of the positive aspects of Carmel,  the only negative aspects would be no major lakes and mostly flat topography.

Westfield- Just North of Carmel, Westfield is a great community if you are looking for a newer home with a Central location.   Westfield does not have a great downtown yet, but is close to great shopping like Clay Terrace.  Home Prices are less than Carmel, and you can still build a new home. In the Luxury Market, Westfield offers some nice Estates and also for a resort like community Bridgewater Country Club is amazing!

DreamHomeFishers-   East of Carmel is Fishers, a great community.  Fishers has exploded in growth over the past 7-8 years and it is one of the most popular areas for first time homebuyers.  Bordering Indianapolis with i69 going to 37 right downtown the commute is great from Fishers as well as Carmel.   Fishers offers many affordable options.  You can build a great home or buy a resale for a great price.  One of my most favorite parts of Fishers is its proximity to Geist Reservoir.  The Southeast section of Fishers has rolling hills, woods, and surrounds beautiful Geist Reservoir. I personally built my home in East Fishers to be close to the marina where I keep my boat in Summer months for great boating.   Fishers, especially around Geist Reservoir offers luxury homes around Geist and Hamilton Proper Country Club.

Noblesville-  Being Farther North, Noblesville is a great option if you do not need to commute downtown or if you want the most bang for you buck on purchasing a home.   Noblesville offers homes in every price point, and if you want to be near a lake, North Noblesville offers fantastic Morse Reservoir for luxury lake living at a fraction of the cost of Geist Reservoir.

Regardless of which town you choose, living in Hamilton County has great opportunities for every price point.  Make sure to call Andrew Neal at 317-371-8133 to help you find the perfect home in the right location to suit your needs!


001_Exterior Front

Tips For Buying Your First Home

We represent many people buying their first home.  Here are the top things to do when buying your first home:

1)Hire a good professional Realtor who knows the area- an agent who knows the area, homes not on the market, and how to negotiate and guide you through the process is always worth it.

2)Get preapproved for a mortgage with a reputable lender-  this can be done over the phone or in person.  Compare a few lenders if you would like to make sure you are getting the best rate.

3)Do your own research-  Let your agent and lender guide you, but always do your own research on an area and get a good idea of where to live and how much it is going to cost to buy in that area.

4) Do not overpay for a home-  Make sure your agent provides you comparable sales in the area, and if the homeowner wants too much for their home in negotiations move on, trust me there are other good options for the right price!

5) Do not expect a deal in a good market-  If you want a move in ready home that has been upgraded or is new, there is going to be a lot of competition wanting the same thing and you may have to pay the value of the home or slightly more.

6) Hire the right home inspector- after you purchase your home make sure to hire a good home inspector(we like Clearview Home Inspections!)

7)Buy in the right area even if it is not the perfect house-  as they say in Real Estate location,  location, location!

If you are looking to buy or sell a home feel free to contact Andrew Neal anytime at 317-371-8133 or and he would be happy to help!


Geist Waterfront Homes Sold in 2013

Geist2013 was a great year in sales on beautiful Geist Reservoir!   Here are some quick stats:

# of Waterfront Homes Sold- 49 Single Family Homes

Most Expensive Sale- 3 million sales price- 10804 Brooks School Road Fishers- 14,895sqft with 7.4acres on Geist.

Average Sale- $897,958, $222/sqft

Least Expensive- $358,607, Bankowned Home on Feather Cove in Feather Bay



We will be hosting Geist Waterfront Boat Tours beginning May 1, 2014 for anyone considering buying or selling on Geist! 


If you are considering buying or selling a home in Geist give The Andrew Neal Group a call we are here to help!  317-371-8133 or



Classic colonial brick house

2013 Top 5 Most Expensive Luxury Sales in The Northside Suburbs of Indianapolis

2013 has been a great year for luxury sales in Indianapolis and suburbs.  As a Luxury Realtor I like to keep my clients up to date on what is selling.  The Northside Suburbs of Indianapolis top five sales are as follows:

1) 9910 Cumberland Road Fishers-  15,452sqft Mansion with over 20 acres of land built in 2002 took the top spot at a sales price of 3.9 million in November

2) 951 W. 116th St. Carmel, beautiful 1978 custom home with 7742 sqft on 28 acres sold for 3.1million.

3) 10804 Brooks School Road Fishers- Gourgeous 14,895sqft Custom Home with 7.4 Acres on Beautiful Geist Reservoir sold for 3 million in August

4) 1029 Laurelwood Carmel-  Gourgeous Custom Home in Exclusive Gated Community Laurelwood sold for 2.675 million in December of 2013

5) 15470 Whistling Lane Carmel-  Bridgewater Country Club offers some of the finest new homes in a country club setting on the Northside in Carmel!   This home built in 2006 features 12,927 sqft overlooking the course.


Selling Your Home in Winter vs. Waiting Until Spring

MySignIn Carmel and Fishers and surrounding areas, year after year, I hear many people tell me that they are waiting until Spring to sell their home.   They call me for the value of their home, price, improvements to make, etc, but feel it is most beneficial for them to wait unti Spring to sell their home. This year it is simply untrue for the following reasons:

1)Inventory Levels are At a Historically Low Level-  this is the lowest inventory level in homes for sale in Carmel and/or Fishers as I have seen in over 8 years!    This is a huge advantage for whoever is on the market right now because they do not have many options.  When Spring arrives and the flowers start to bloom I believe there will be a huge amount of homes in both Fishers and Carmel coming on the market.   If more homes come on market then there are buyers you will see prices start to level off and even possibly decline.  Right now prices here are rising!

2)Interest Rates are at a historically low level-with rates around 4% this is some of the lowest they have ever been, making it very appealing for buyers to come out and buy homes even in the cold weather!

3) Only Serious Buyers look for homes in the winter- You will not have to prepare and leave your home for non qualified no serious buyers.  In the winter months only real buyers are out looking where as in the warmer months you have a lot of people who just want to look and not necessarily buy homes are out looking

4)Homes are selling better this winter then the past 3-4 winters combined!  We are having a historic amount of homes selling.

If you are considering selling your home in Fishers, Carmel, or Northside Indy give me a call at 317-371-8133 or email me at and I would be happy to come out and give you my honest advice on whether you should sell now or wait!

DealwithNeal in Fishers, Carmel, and Northside Indy!